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Part# Description Price Picture
010-04XA Pertronix Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. ELIMINATE POINTS FOREVER! Simple, two wire, drop in kit replaces the points and condensor on all factory 1973 and older FJ40s, FJ45s and FJ55s. This unit can be run with the stock coil, but for maximum performance gain, the Flamethrower coil [010-30EA] is recommended. $93.95
010-04XB Pertronix Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. ELIMINATE POINTS FOREVER! Same proven design as the XA, this model fits 1974-1977 FJs. This unit can als be run with the stock coil, but for maximum performance gain, the Flamethrower coil [010-30EA] is recommended. $97.95
052-90BB Carburetor Insulator, 1BBL, BILLET ALUMINUM. Perfect replacement for your broken bakolite insulator. We will be offering a drilled and PCV ported version of this insulator soon. $40.00
055-01B TriY-Header,Chrome. Not legal for sale in California on pollution-controlled vehicles. Everybody knows this is the best header on the market, originally designed and marketed by the legendary Downey Off Road. Why re-invent the wheel? NOTE!!!This header was just recently redesigned to improve its fitment with even the largest of the 2F intake manifolds! out of stock
055-03B Super Duty Header Gasket. The best header gasket I've found. The close up pic shows what I've been talking about on the FAQ: simply the widest sealing bands you can get, providing superior compression and conformity, as well as chamber protection. DO IT RIGHT OR DO IT TWICE!!! $48.75
057-11 Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket, reproduction. Essential but often missing piece on the 1970-1972 carbs to tension the accelerator cable to the bellcrank. Got tired of hunting for strays and paid to have these reproductions made. $24.95
090-05 Transfer Case conversion kit. These are the parts necessary to get a transfer case from a 1973 and older FJ with the 2.31 low range to mate up to the 1974 thru 1980 4 speed transmission with the 16 spline tailshaft. Included in the kit are a brand new adapter gear, pto spacer sleeve, new imput bearing and seal. This is a web-only special. $179.99
122-09FF Power Steering Mounting Plate, Deluxe! These heavy-duty plates are being manufactured for us by a local fabrication shop out of 1/4 steel plate that is cut to match the exact shape of the FJ40 frame. Unlike the Downey and AA plates that force you to compromise what bolts you use because of poor bolt access, these are designed with the two upper bolts to go all the way thru the frame. Delivered with 4 steel tube spacers that are not welded to make exact box matching much simpler. Reinforcement plate included. Special pricing with larger p/s kit order. $75.00
122-20M Power Steering Kit, Minor,Saginaw Type. This is the heart of the power steering kit,the parts you are most likely to need regardless of which steering shaft and box you use, packaged together at an unbeatable price. Included are the Saginaw-type pitman arm, the high-range SAE tie rod end and the custom machined relay rod with the metric lower end to tie back into your stock steering. Separate PN 122-11B, 122-12, 122-14. $129.95
122-21A Power Steering Pump Bracket,Saginaw Type, mounts on lower left side of engine block $65.00
130-DD02 DOUBLE DUTY SHACKLES! A Mark's Off Road Exclusive, these heavy-duty replacement shackles for the 64-80FJ40 are laser CNCed from 3/8" steel,are 2.5" longer than stock and feature an adjustable, removable center gusset. This allows for better flexability off road, better tracking on road, and the ability to fine tune the shackles to perfectly match your spring and bushing comination. A 1.5" lift version is also available as PN 130-DD01. $69.00
130-DD82 FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, FJ62 DOUBLE DUTY SHACKLES! Made with all the same great features as the DD01 and DD02 featured above, these shackles come drilled and supplied with the 18mm hardware found on the 45rear, 55, 60 and 62 series. $87.00
130-15AA Leaf Spring Saddle Pads. Made by ConFerr. 2.5" wide. Fully welded, heavy duty replacement. Stronger than stock and a very affordable option for outboarding and spring-overs. $19.99

The concept is simple. The nuts on your stock u-bolts stick out AND DOWN from the factory U-bolt plates, waiting to be bashed up as soon as your rig gets into the rocks. The u-bolt skid plate provides a second skin for the spring plate which is ramped to make passage over rocks easier and to provide a protected area for the nuts on the end of your U-bolts. If you ARE familiar with this product, then you also probably know that ALL of my competitors are selling these for $75 a pair OR MORE! BUY HERE AND SAVE!

These plates are stamped out of 3/16ths inch steel, welded and gusseted for strength and powdercoated for a rust prevention and overall great appearance. Fits all FJ40, FJ45 and FJ55 front axles, and FJ40 rear axles 1973 and older.

130-51 ABS for your FJ40,FJ45, FJ55, FJ60. Asymmetrical Bump Stops were designed to turn your factory bump stops into the new orientation of your lift springs and shackles so that the axle will hit more squarely on the stop, and hopefully before your larger tires contact the sheetmetal of your truck. This is 'the missing link' to make any suspension lift truly complete! Available in 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 inch extensions. $44.00
140-10CRA Rebuilt Brake Booster, fits 7/70-12/74 FJ40 and FJ55, very competitive price $285.00 Exchange
140-50 Dual Master Cylinder Adapter. I designed this adapter back in 1993 to provide a safe and simple way to bolt a dual circuit brake master cylinder directly to the firewall of a pre July 1970 Landcruiser. Its simple,compact design works with your existing pushrod, and has no threaded holes to wear out. The upgrade from the single circuit master usually takes about one hour; the peace of mind lasts much longer! I worked out a deal with a new CNC source to bring the price way down from what it was. $40
150-30HD Skidplate, Heavy Duty! Fits 64-80 FJ40, may fit others. 3/16ths steel plate notched for two different hole and rivet patterns in the frame, also notched where front driveshaft should drop. Additional clearancing may be needed. This is the most cost-effective solution to protecting your stock OR upgraded powertrain utilizing the stock mounting system. 43lbs! $225.00
151-20A Early Hood Set, E-67FJ40 and FJ45. Here we have a pair of genuine NOS windshield cushions, brand new hood hooks, and reconditioned original windshield hooks in the style no longer available from the factory or aftermarket. Perfect for that authentic restoration. $99.00
157-30SU Rear Ambulance Doors. Came from a 1975 or so. Will fit model years 1975-1978. These doors have no rust. Both doors have dents in them that look worse than they really are. The doors are still straight at the perimeters and will seal a rig nicely. If you want to take the time to pull the dents out, you can have a great set of doors for quite a bit less than fully straight rust free ones would run. Additional photos are available at: marksoffroad.net/75ambydoors2.jpg and marksoffroad.net/75ambydoors3.jpg $SOLD
159-20CSR Mirror and Arm Set,fits 69-74FJ40s, Mirrors are new, arms are bead blasted to bare metal with new hardware provided $150.00
160-01C Turn Signal Assemblies, Pair, for 63-68FJ40,Genuine Toyota NOS! $72.00
200-1011 Source CO2 Tank System-Basic-include lightweight aluminum tank, Hyper-Flo regulator, 20ft Comp-Flex hose, quick connects, tire chuck and EVEN the high quality, powder coated tank bracket. 10# model very competitively priced at $239.00. Other sizes and models also available. $239.00
200-1501P FJ40 Auxiliary Fuel Cell. NEW ON THE MARKET! This tank was made to the same specifications as the legendary ConFerr auxiliary tank that is no longer being made. Thousands of dollars were spent to have a roto mold made to duplicate the tank in a race-approved, cross-linked polyethylene. The tank now shares the features of a full race tank which include dedicated outlet and return lines as well as a vent line. Tank DOES NOT INCLUDE the sending unit; they can be readily sourced elsewhere on the internet. $640.00
200-1513 Deluxe Trailer Hitch. 1/2" thick steel plates are just the beginning of this brute that will outlast the frame of your FJ! Comes with mounting hardware as shown. Unpainted. Seen elsewhere at $99.95 and up. $84.95
200-1548 ConFerr mounting tabs. Handy mounts for attaching almost anything to tube. These were commonly used to mount off road lights to rollbars, but in today's world, I can picture a whole lot more uses, including CB antennas, Hi Lift Jack mounts, exo-cage platforms. Just an all around handly item to have. Made from 3/16th steel, 2.75" side to side and 2.5" on the platform.Price per pair. $10.00
200-1555 ConFerr Roof Rack! Just when I thought these were all gone, I got a call from the old owners offering a few more racks left in their private reserve! This was from one of their last batches, meaning that the crossbars are driiled for ease of adding flooring, the whole assembly is powdercoated in satin black and deluxe corner emblems added. Easily ship-able in the box shown. I think the size [46x38"] would make a great choice for a fourrunner or FJ cruiser, but for the price, you couldn't go wrong using it for a non-Toyota project as well. NOTE: The rest are GONE: THIS IS THE LAST ONE $220.00
200-1556 Heavy Duty Roof Rack Clamps. Patterned after the time-tested and proven design of the industry leader, these clamps have all the beef without the name brand price. $27.95