Service: the Mark’s Off Road difference

Our Motto: we service what we sell.

As if this concept wasn’t unique enough, we go much further. As the photographs below help illustrate, we strive for job-specific attention to detail that you will not find elsewhere. As one example, lets discuss carburetors.

Many ‘Landcruiser’ businesses that offer rebuilt carburetors actually send their carburetors out to a production-line rebuilder for service. These production shops start off their ‘rebuild’ by beadblasting the carburetor to bare metal because it is ‘cost-effective’ (read: fast and cheap), taking off all the protective (and cosmetically appealing) cadmium plating in the process. We hand clean our carburetors.

A production rebuilder that handles hundreds of makes and models will also work with two assumptions that we don’t: first, that everything that belongs in the carburetor is still there; and second, that it is safe to put the carburetor back together the way it came apart. Given their age (the carburetor’s, not the rebuilder’s!) neither of these are safe assumptions.

Unlike a productions rebuilder, we:

     1. only service Landcruiser carburetors;

     2. hand clean them (unless they are badly oxidized);

     3. stock a complete inventory of hard-to-get internal parts as well as a dedicated stock of cores to insure the opportunity for every carburetor to be reassembled the way it is supposed to be, regardless of how we get it.

Saving the best part for last here, after carefully studying every aspect of these carburetors over the last 13 years, we have learned how to IMPROVE a carburetor many businesses cannot even properly rebuild.

Steering, axles, brakes, transmissions, transfer cases, etc. You name it. If we rebuild it in-house, it is not done by a salaried staff 'on the clock.’ It is done by one man with a true passion for what he does. And it shows.

Vehicle Inspections

We also offer very cost-competitive* vehicle inspections for prospective purchasers and new customer’s alike. It is an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of Landcruisers we see on the road and in our shop suffer from deferred maintenance issues, to put it nicely. Many owners as well as prospective purchasers have little idea of a vehicle’s true mechanical condition. The inspection is designed to provide a detailed overview of the vehicle’s current condition, as well as a list of current and potential problems, prioritized by severity.

We inspect the external components of the engine, clutch, transmission, transfercase, front axle, rear axle, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical, and body. No invasive or diagnostic procedures are done during this first phase of inspection. We then produce for the customer a five page written evaluation of the vehicle, with a prioritized list of suggested repairs.

In this process, two things happen. First, the customer has an opportunity to evaluate our business, our competence and commitment to our work and decide, without further commitment, if we are the type of business they wish to patronize. Second, the customer is given a valuable resource in the inspection report, which they are free to use as the basis for getting repair estimates from other establishments. If we are as thorough as we think we are, this removes the common concern that someone will try and sell you a service you don’t really need.

*(Why our estimates are not free. Nothing in life is free, especially not the time and expertise of a trained professional. Any time someone offers something for free, they then proceed to try and put you under an obligation to do something else for which they can recoup their investment of time. Conversely, if we charge you for our time up front, this removes our incentive to ‘dream up’ ways to get that time and money back.)

My Guarantee

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